Bilanci Cashless

BILANCI cashless is a cashless management solution which can be used for Schools, Colleges, Small Business and Events.

Removing the need to have cash on your premises will save time and money along with the immediate benefit of removing cash handling risks.

Example : It is a simple funding model that allows you to deposit funds to a wallet that belongs to you or a dependant.  Trading cashless from that wallet makes the School or Organisation a safer place to trade and money handling more efficient on your premise.

The School or Organisation will have various Merchants (Shops) available where the wallet owner can spend their money in a controlled and close environment. Money transfers take place electronically and reconciliation of funds is made easy via a secure website.


Trader on the Web Shop like a Tuckshop or any other shop would be referred to as a merchant, because they will be trading their goods or services. They will require a  Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone or tablet.

Merchants will be linked to the institution they are in association with to enable the linked community to trade with their shop.   


  • Efficient management of funds and resources.
  • Organize revenue quickly, have funds settle automatically into the bank account of the merchant’s choice with full reporting.
  • Less cash on the premises making the financial transactions easier and safer.
  • The system minimizes bank charges and also assist in collecting funds all year round.

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